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My art

Hi, I'm Kacha!

I'm digital artist who likes to draw landscapes, fanart and plein air sketches! I'm currently a freelancer who is learning more about BG art & comics, since I'm interested in certain university abroad. I like to try new things, so, I also paint with ink, draw with marker & sometimes sketch and work on freehand drawings!

You can check out my portfolio here:

My social media & links

As many other artist, I have many social media as well. You can contact me through twitter/instagram DM or also through discord.

Although my profiles online has many arts you can find there, this webpage also includes exclusive content as sketches, progress drawings or never before seen arts. You can find here my full portfolio as well as my fanarts or even original designs. Everything here is in one place!

To find my arts on twitter, check pinned thread and I have there all of my posted Art Moments which I update frequently, since arts can get lost on my profile. On Instagram it is easier to see all of my arts, but the quality is worse, so decide on your own which social media makes you more comfortable. 


I also linked my AO3 profile to my carrd, so you can check my fanfics^^ 

prices 2022 commissions.jpg

Commissions 2022

My commissions are currently open!

I'll take as many commissions as I can handle atm, since there are also other things that makes me busy sometimes.

My commission info is all in my "Commission sheet" (document on google doc). I put 2 links into carrd, since one document is pretty big file, so if you have weaker wifi, check the smaller one^^

On the left there is showcase of my prices and on the right picture I exposed styles I can draw.

prices 2022 other styles commissions.jpg
Digital Landscape cartoon_land.png

see MY own
landscape arts 

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